Diy Platform Bed plans – How to Build a Platform Bed

If you are interested in building your own platform bed and saving hundreds of dollars, let me help you out. I am selling the plans that I created after I successfully built our amazing platform bed. This bed is way more sturdy than any bed you’ll ever find at IKEA. Not to mention, even if you did buy a platform bed from IKEA, YOU STILL HAVE TO ASSEMBLE IT!!!

To make things even more easy for you I have prepared a PDF of my online shopping cart from This list includes every item you will need and the item numbers as well. This will make your shopping/supplies trip a breeze. Print it out and take it to Lowe’s, or just go to and order everything online. It will save you hours and hours of walking around Lowe’s trying to figure everything out on your own. If you purchase everything on the list from Lowe’s, you’ll spend about $140. That’s over $1000 less than the cheapest platform bed I found online.

This is by far the sturdiest bed I have ever owned. It is also a great conversation piece. Imagine all of your friends jaws dropping when you tell them that YOU built your own platform bed. Especially when you tell them that it was less than $150.00 (If you tell them. Ha!) Plus, I’ll be happy to answer any questions if you have trouble along the way.